10/12/2016: Net Positive Energy + the LBC Workshop

Net Positive Energy: Power and the Living Building Challenge Workshop

When: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 – 8:00am to 12:00pmEDT

Where: University of the District of Columbia
                4200 Connecticut Ave, NW
                Building 32 Suite 200

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Net Zero Energy Buildings have reached a tipping point. The economic limitations that restricted their success in the past have changed drastically and the technologies needed to achieve Net Zero Energy are now readily available. This session will begin by taking a look at the Living Building Challenge, particularly the intricacies of the Energy Petal, to teach participants what is involved with achieving a Net Zero Energy project and what it means to become Net Positive. The session will showcase the latest Net Positive Energy Building projects, uncover the strategies and technologies used and the policies and programs in place that are accelerating the uptake of Net Zero and Net Positive Energy Buildings and Communities. Finally, the session will look to the future and uncover the trends emerging in Net Zero Energy, including the push to Net Positive Energy, and discuss how each participant can take the lessons learned into their own practice.

1. Define the requirements for Energy Petal and Net Zero Energy Building certification.

2. Explore successful case study projects that have demonstrated net zero and net positive energy performance.

3. Describe tangible strategies for reducing energy demands in different climate zones.

4. Describe cutting edge technologies and new ideas for greater use of renewable energy in the future

Speaker:  Brad Liljequist


Brad directs the Net Zero Energy Program for the Institute. The Institute is reinventing the human world to operate comfortably without fossil fuels and also reinventing the city to be a place of ideal human habitat-maximizing human happiness and fruitfulness while benefiting the planet.

As director of the Institute’s Net Zero Energy program, Brad is at the forefront of a global transformation toward a carbon-free future. He directed development of the Petal and Net Zero Energy Certified zHome, the first multifamily zero net energy community in the United States, as well as Issaquah Fire Station 72, the world’s most energy efficient fire station and recipient of the international 2012 ASHRAE Technology award. Additionally, he is author of The Power of Zero: Learning From the World’s Leading Net Zero Energy Buildings. Brad has nearly three decades of experience catalyzing change in the fields of planning, environmental policy, urban design, construction management and sustainable building. He was educated at Georgetown University, the University of St. Andrews and the University of Washington Evans School.