5/13/2016: 15 Minutes of Brilliance


At the International Living Future Institute’s unConference in Seattle the week of 5/11/2016 , Urban Grapevine presented their project in front of the conference attendees at the Closing Circle.  This was the last of the unConference’s three 15 Minutes of Brilliance.  The theme was, “Ideas into Action.”  The goal of the presentation was to inspire the conference attendees to take what they learned and act on it when they got home to their communities.  On behalf of the DC LBCC, Susan Block Moores explained the significance of the  transparency between the ILFI, the Collaborative and the DC Government.  The numbers of different disciplines, speakers and sponsors that contributed to it’s success.  The new ecosystem that we created together.  Like Janine Beynus says, “Spring happens every year.”

Mike Binder represented the winning team Urban Grapevine.  Through this amazing compilation of their work, the conference attendees were given the opportunity to see the remarkable effort of Urban Grapevine.  It is a clear and concise summary of their actions.  Dafeng Cai who attended from SmithGroupJJR, remarked that “this was the most informative thin he had seen at the conference.”  Please click on the link below to see the video.

Urban Grapevine Video

Since the competition, many things have happened:

  1. Many teams have taken the models they created and are proceeding with them in their practices.
  2. The Collaborative donated extra sponsorship money to City Blossoms to provide educational gardening for kids.
  3. The DC Government applied for technical assistance from the Institute.  They are now  one of seven pilot projects learning how to pursue LBC.  10-15 Living Building Affordable Housing Units will be built on the site.  They are looking to have the buildings occupied in late summer 2018.

When we are in the living building community, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that we are still a relatively small group.  Remember that we are leading. Remember we are ahead.

Janine Beynus says, “I’m surrounded by genius in the organisms and the ecosystems that all know how to live gracefully on this planet.”

Let’s take this new regional sustainability ecosystem we created together and make spring happen.